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Basketball Shooter Ultimate


To enjoy the unlimited fun of basketball games free of cost just play the basketball shooter ultimate. This basketball mania will thrill you in basketball gyms where you will play real basketball and practice your basketball skills. While playing you will get the real basketball game feel as highly accurate physics is used to make this game interesting and realistic. In the start of game you will be awarded with 10 hoops free to play. With every basketball hoop shoot your number of remaining balls will decrease by one and if you hoop successfully you will get your ball count added back along with the feeling of tribute to your favorite basketball stars all the time. You can continue shooting basketball as long as you have plus count of balls.
As long as you proceed to advance levels the difficulty will be increased due to trick shots game and high preciseness requirement. You will be needed to control speed and angle of ball to basket with decreasing length of shot guiding path to get hoop successfully. So get ready and enter in the gang of basketballers in 2k16 free games to have unlimited fun and beat the players playing worlwide. You can always check your position among your friends or world players by clicking on leaderboard. Very addictive game to enter into the basketball shootout world.
How to Play ?
> Touch and hold on screen > Drag after hold to set the right angle for basket ball> After setting angle leave the touch.> Basketball will be shoot on the path and angle set by you to make a hoop.> Enjoy your matches and Have fun.